to the mouse in our house

To: Mr. Mouse

When we packed our bags not 6 weeks ago And moved away from everyone we know We knew our home would feel empty, barren Little did we know you would be so darin' As to think that you, furry gray field mouse Should take up residency in our quirky old house I admit that the liquor cabinet has hardly been used And the table sits empty, feeling quite snoozed But truth be told, you annoying gray creature You have - unwelcomed - been quite the teacher For your appearance last evening at half past midnight And my sleeping-and-waking, and dreams full of fright Reminded me how uncomfortable I feel in this place With its newness and bigness and so much empty space Nothing sits quite right - it's not as cozy as home And I wonder whatever caused us to roam So beware little mouse, we come with a vengeance Our tactic, be sure, is not one of temperance You foiled us last night in our sleep-deprived state But indeed it is your presence we long to abate Be careful where you step, and even more what you eat Your beady black eyes and naivety we will beat And then we will sleep soundly, all snug in our bed With our non-hunting cat snoring peacefully by my head.

Yours, not-too-fondly, Melanie

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