{saturday sweets}

In the spirit of the sweet life - this life I'm living every day, with my chin up and my hope higher - I'm introducing a new regular post on this little blog o' mine. In spite of the daily struggles of this knocking-on-adulthood life, there is so much goodness in the air and I'm not the best at stopping to say "thank you" for it all. Because as much as the Lord is present in the hard places, He is singing blessings over me at the same time - filling my life with all things sweet and beautiful. Life is good, in spite of itself, and every day I see little glimpses of goodness, of restoration, of hope.

{Living Quietly & Slowly}

There's a flip side to a lack of community. We are living life at such a different pace these days, slowly and quietly and with intention. We go for long, intense workouts at the gym. We spend lazy Saturday mornings curled up in a sun-bathed bed, with a cuddly kitten and Sportscenter on the television. We watch full games of baseball, and go for long walks in the evening. And we make homemade pizza and split a bottle of wine on Friday nights. Did you notice something about that paragraph? It's full of words that were rarely in our vocabulary before - slowly, quietly, long, lazy, full. These are the foundations of a life worth living, of taking time to soak in this season together.

{Run Happy}

run happy.jpg

I've always loved a good workout, 30 minutes on the treadmill - enough to break a sweat, but not enough to need a shower. This fall, when Price spent more hours studying than sleeping, I channeled my free time into training for a half-marathon. It was intense, addicting, and really helped me deal with some of the "my-body-is-an-enemy" issues I've always faced. I learned to love my body, to care for it well, and to push it to do new things. In this season, I'm trying again - this time with intervals and speedwork, and a little thing I like to call "Operation Michelle Obama Arms." But the hours I spend running and training are a gift - I have time to run long distances, to rest my mind and exhaust my body. I'm running happy, like my new Brooks tee reminds me.

What are your Saturday Sweets this week? Little gifts that are getting you through this season of whatever challenges you face?

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