sunday {bitter}sweets {it's the final countdown}


Yes, it is the final countdown to Arrested Development Season 4. WORD UP. I can't wait.

But our final countdown has also begun, one that involves consuming all the meat in our freezer (how did we collect so much in 10 months??) and the beer in our fridge (yeah, that's not gonna happen ... )

Our last weeks here in St. Louis for this season, however, are mostly full of this:


That is, in case you're curious, a stack of New Testament books on the left and some "database marketing" wordsidon'tunderstandanddon'tlistenlongenoughtolearn stuff on the right.

So this weekend's Sweets will come in the form of a countdown ... St. Louis has been a delight, a sweet-and-sour season that has left me achingly tired and strangely refreshed, and it's funny how the light at the end of this tunnel is flipping the switch and making me see all the puzzle pieces start to fit together, the blessings that have sprung up in this garden of textbooks and strangers and tears. I am sad to be leaving, but I know the Lord has cracked a hundred doors that will swing back wide open in the fall.

And with that - Sunday {bitter}Sweets:

15: Days left in this baseball-and-beer-crazed town (for now)

14: Books of the New Testament I have left to read before the end of the semester. (Also, shout out to the Council of Nicea for putting Paul's letters in order of decreasing length!)

13: Months until this whole MBA adventure are over, and Price will get another diploma. If it goes as fast as these 10, I don't even know.

12: Number of dear friends who gathered around our table last night to cheers and celebrate the end of their first year of business school. It was perfect, and filled my heart with acres of joy for what is to come next semester.

11: {At the most} Number of dinners I'll get to cook in my own kitchen before we leave. I'm strongly considering packing my stand mixer for the summer. What would I do without it?

10: Days until the hermeneutic paper I should be writing right now is due.

9: {I couldn't think of anything, so Price suggested this one} Number of beers Price hopes to drink after his statistics exam on Friday. {Note: this will not actually happen.}

8: Work-at-home days left without having to leave the house for class. (Also known as days I have left to wear yoga pants all day.)

7: Miles I ran today! Over the halfway mark for my next half-marathon.

6: Days until I'm back in Nashville for a weekend of girlish fun, celebrating the last few weeks of un-marriedness for one of my nearest-and-dearest friends.

5: Final exams between the 2 of us over the next 2 weeks.

4: Months until we call this old stone house home again. Cross your fingers with me that no mice will take over for us in the interim.

3: Number of times I need to eat at Mi Ranchito again in the next 15 days. (See: number 7. I run to eat. Mostly Mexican food.)

2: Real books in addition to the New Testament books that I also have to read in the next 2 weeks for my class.

1: Year of business school complete. This is a testament to the hard work and neverending patience of both of us, the supernatural grace of the Lord in intervening in our stretched-to-the-limit marriage this year, and the absolute brilliance of my supersmart hubby, who has not only self-declared himself an Excel master, but has also managed to lose about 15 pounds and get a kick-a internship for the summer. So 1 year of business school and 1 very proud wife.

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