good morning, grace


amazing grace, how sweet the sound - amazing love, now flowing down - from hands and feet that were nailed to the tree - as grace flows down and covers me. it covers me.

One of my seminary professors defined grace for me as "an undeserved relationship."

That simple word association has transformed the way I think about grace, and the way I ask for it this morning and every morning.

An undeserved relationship.

When I think about the vast majority of the anxiety I hold, the sleepless nights I have, the thoughts that capture and torture my little mind - it is almost all relationship. The words "I'm not enough - doing enough, being enough, loving enough, sharing enough, caring enough" - these are the hundred little insecurities that turn me into a shadow of who I am called to be, and they know nothing of grace.

Today, I want to lean into this relationship undeserved - with the One who is reaching down and covering me, quieting me with His love and rejoicing over me. Yes, me. Broken, angry, bitter, silly, foot-in-my-mouth me.

And can I perhaps be an extension of that grace ... to cover the people in my path with the beauty of an undeserved relationship?

Good morning, grace. You are welcome in my broken house.

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